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The State of Telangana which has a geographical area of 1,14,840 Sq. Kms is the 29th state in the country. Forests occupy (26903.70) Sq.Kms which rich flora fauna.The Telangana State Forest Development Corporation Limited is incorporated on 14.05.2015, under the Companies Act.2013 and also a Trust under the India Income Tax 1961.The organisation is established for raising man-made forests so as to meet the domestic and industrial needs of forest produce and reclothe the degraded forest areas and bring them under productive use. 



To raise industrial plantations like Eucalyptus, Bamboo etc., to meet the raw material requirement of the wood based industries in the state.

  • Contributing in protection of the environment and increased forest land productivity.
  • Providing gainful employment to the local tribals and rural people.
  • To provide consultancy in raising plantations of various species.

    The objectives have been re-defined:


  • Improving the quality and productivity of the degraded forests and plantations.
  • Adoption of Watershed Approach.
  • Adoption of latest gains in Bio-technology for improved productivity.
  • To provide gainful employment to the local people.
  • Capacity building.
  • Implementation of Eco - Tourism Projects.  

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