Beedi Leaf Trade



The Beedi Leaf(ABNUS LEAVES) Trade which involves collection of Beedi Leaf, taken up by TSForest Department with the help of Contractors is basically a social welfareactivity providing employment to the poor labors like Scheduled Casts,Scheduled Tribes and other weaker section of Telangana and nearly 50 lakhman-days of employment will be generated in 2-3 months of summer season duringwhich time very little other employment is available to them. The net surplusobtained from the trade will entirely distributed to the people engaged incollection of the leaf.


Agency of TSFDC


The Governmenthave appointed the TS Forest Development Corporation Ltd., as their Agent forTrade in Beedi Leaves under the AP Minor Produce Act, 1971.

Schedule of Operations


 The schedule of operations ( activity involved) in Beedi Leaf Scheme is as follows:




Conducting advance sale of the beedi leaves to be collected

December / February

Pruning of the bushes for obtaining better flush of leaves

February / March

Collection, curing, packing and transport to godowns

April, May and June

Collection of sale amount and release of produce.

From 15th October to 15th January.

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